Something New

I’m so excited to tell yall that I’m starting a new “segment” for my blog. I had this idea about a month or two ago but never followed through. Now that I’ve had time to gather my thoughts, I’m finally putting it into action. 

(Side note: I’m writing this blurb from the app on my phone, so my apologies for typos and anything that doesn’t make sense. My new phone likes to purposefully mispell words and use them as though they are correct. Dastardly little thing…)

This new event, because I haven’t found a fitting word for it as of late, is called “emPOWerment.” The POW stands for “Person of the Week.” I think it’d be a nice change to hear about others and their stories. The life they’ve lived. The struggles they’ve faced that made them stronger. What makes them great. We as human beings need to be empowering eachother, not tearing our neighbors down because of their race, reliegion, sex, or outward appearance. In fact, it’s not our place to even judge people for their wrong actions. As a Christian, there are things of this world I do not agree with. But that does not mean I hate the doer of such. On the contrary. My heart hurts for them. 

So, I’m making a full 180°. It’s time to focus on the positive and build eachother up. Every week, if I can, I will publish an article on a person I think is worth reading about. (Everyone is worth reading about. But I cannot write about every person I cross paths with in my lifetime, sadly. Though, I would that I could.) Sometimes I will have the pleasure of sitting with them and interviewing them, listening to what they have to say face to face. Other times, I will use my own observations of said person and the beauty I see in them. And I will write to you about the wonders I have been so blessed to learn. 

I’m extremely excited about this and I can’t wait to get started. I already have the first two in mind!! 🙂 

And if you know someone who should have their story heard or be empowered, do not hesitate to send them my way or tell me about them. I will be more than happy to feature them in my writing. 

Embrace. Engage. EmPOWer. 

– Mahatma Ghandi