Many Ducks and No Rows


First Name: Christina

Middle Name: Rose

Last Name: *confidential*

Resides In: The ever-crowded state of Florida with three cats, a dog, a sweet family, and amazing friends including one superb best friend.

Favorite things: Jesus, Cats, dogs, colors, animals, Fall and Winter, Christmas, fuzzy socks, funky glasses, the beach, makeup, shoes, snow, mountains, music, fairy lights, romantic dates, tulips, volleyball, slow dancing, star gazing, laughing, singing, swimming, my grandma Rose’s mashed potatoes, Disney World, snuggles, movies, fluffy pillows, picnics, chocolate cake, leggings, men’s larger-sized t-shirts, hugs, puns and stupid jokes, rain, baseball, painting, writing, road trips, ice cream, the New York Yankees, cherries, warm tea and antique china, Mayday Parade, history, photography, blanket forts, chocolate chip pancakes, chocolate milk, art, festivals, the State Fair, birds, poetry…


Hi 🙂 Welcome to my writing space, more specifically, the “About Me” section. I’ve always been awful at writing these. I never know what to say without it sounding like a 5th grader’s autobiography for a writing assignment. I’m not going to tell you to join me on my journey or that you’re along for some ride. Overdone. Everyone says that. Elementary. Ew. I will try my best to avoid doing that this time as I’m 21 years old and my writing skills are well beyond that of someone in grade school.

I’ve tried to have several blogs before but either didn’t like the setup, domain, or had nothing to say. More recently, I shut down my last blog because I didn’t have the support I wanted or thought I deserved. I missed writing so much. So I blocked out the negativity and chose to bring it back to life for myself. I chose to write for me. Not for likes and follows. If I get them, great. If not, so be it. This is for me. To do what I love.

I always have so many interests and hobbies and things I want to try and I never know which one to try first. I want to experience everything I can in life and sometimes I get overwhelmed. Which is why I appropriately titled this “Many Ducks, No Rows.” My interests and hobbies are my ducks. And they are all. Over. The place. Those little balls of feathers have potential but I can’t keep them all straight. Maybe one day I’ll have them all in rows and I’ll be able to give each one plenty of attention. But for now, I’m starting with this little duck; my blog. We’ll see if I can start lining them up one by one once I get my blog rolling. It’s a long shot… But who knows. I just might. 🙂

Thanks for following, reading, liking, supporting, sharing, commenting. ❤


Dog: Talladega (A.K.A Dega)


Cat 1: Mo


Cat 2: Squid


Cat 3: So-So’s









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